Peace through Music!

The Musical Keys that Opened Iraqi Hearts in Baghdad!
"Iraqi Love Songs Were Our Passport!"

With more than 200 Concerts and Presentations already complete,
Cameron and Kristina are on the road offering

Love songs from Egypt, Iran, Greece, Iraq, Peru, Syria,
Armenia, Bulgaria, Mexico, Lebanon, Turkey and more...

For Congregations:
Inspirational International Music for your Sunday Service
followed by an Afternoon or Evening Concert

For Congregational Ministers:

Sunday Morning Service Presentation
Healing the World Through Music:

Let's move from the "Me" to the "We!"
"We are all one!" ...all cultures! ...all languages!

For Everyone:
Concerts and Presentations

Traveling on the Magic Carpet of Musical Love:
Always finding a warm welcome!
What we Americans can do to become truly free!

Discovering the ancient wisdom of love!
What messages and secrets do these beautiful ancient melodies contain?


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Reviews and Information
From Affiliated Organizations:

"Bring These Awesome Artists To Your Church or Center!"
-- December, 2009: Unity Church Sound Connection Article

"Cameron & bridges between Western and Arab cultures It’s not every American musician who can claim to have learned to play the oud (Middle Eastern lute) like an Iraqi, mastered the complexity of the maqam scale system and played love songs on a Baghdad street in the dangerous aftermath of the US invasion of Iraq. But then Cameron Powers is not your ordinary musician."
-- Lonely Planet Guide To The Middle East

Cameron and Kristina have been made honorary Ambassadors for Peace!
-- Universal Peace Federation

Cameron and Kristina's non-profit organization
Musical Missions of Peace Iraqi Refugee Program
through an ongoing program devoted to the preservation
of ancient Music and Culture among Iraqi refugees currently in exile in Syria!

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promotional materials
for these events!

We Are Musical Avatars for Peace


From Lebanon: Atini Nay

From Greece: Kardhyamu Kaimeni