Spiritual Traveler:
Journeys Beyond Fear

Workshop by Cameron Powers:

Previously called: "From the American Dream to the Global Dream..."

It’s wonderful here in America but... are we losing something...?

What is happening to our time-honored friendships with the rest of the world?

Becoming Responsible Global Citizens: a Vital Necessity for World Peace!

Enabling Deep Cross-Cultural Learning...

How do we really do these things?

Is our culture filled with unconscious blind spots...?

How do we train ourselves to finally reach out... and then allow the others in...?

Topics Addressed During Workshop:

Being the Courage to Surpass self-imposed Boundaries

and Open Yourself to Loving and being Loved by all People


What do people generally fear when they think of international travel?

1) Exercise: Seeing People on the Street

2) Overcoming Fear: You are SAFER over there!

3) Everyone is always right from his or her own point of view

4) Do we speak language or does language speak us?

5) Civilization: whose?

6) Working against Arrogance -- sorry, it’s not so easy...

7) No Humor at the Expense of Others

8) Why even working for Peace is not enough -- Whose Peace is it anyway?

9) Fear or Excitement -- a quick leap called Courage

10) Becoming the Prayer

11) Sensuality and Music -- you have to feel good inside...

12) Worshipping the Feminine in the Middle East and elsewhere -- How does it work?

13) Musical Enlightenment and Ecstasy

14) Becoming a Musical Ambassador

15) Learning languages -- it's not so hard...

16) Gain a New Soul by Entering a New Culture

17) Study of Exotic Music: Middle Eastern Music as an example

18) Enlightenment and Inner Peace -- in these times?

19) Do we really want to waste this precious lifetime?

20) Learning to Become Responsible Global Citizens

21) Spending time with a skilled musican-craftsman in Aleppo, Syria... this is the Magnification of the Heart...

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