Iraqi Refugee Student
in Amman, Jordan
Supported by
Musical Missions of Peace
Songs of Hope Program


"I speak English, Spanish, Greek and enough Arabic and Inca to get around, but Music is The Ultimate Language!" -- Cameron


Cameron and Kristina
Singing Iraqi Love Songs
for Peace in Baghdad


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The keys to International Peace: the Secrets Musicians have Known Since Time Immemorial!

Every American needs to know about these easily attainable avenues to World Peace!

Musical Avatars for Peace

The Musical Keys that Opened Iraqi Hearts in Baghdad!
"Iraqi Love Songs Were Our Passport!"

Popular Love Songs Open Keys to Peace on Planet Earth!
Songs from Egypt, Iran, Greece, Iraq, Peru, Syria, Armenia, Bulgaria, more...

Love Songs of Planet Earth are our Guide!
Healing the World Through Music

Pioneering Musicians Cameron & Kristina:
From Baghdad To Bulgaria
From Athens to the Andes!
We Sing Our Way Around the World!

Your Headliners For the Upcoming
Season for Nonviolence

Leaving Fear Behind: Peace through Music!

Love songs from Egypt, Iran, Greece, Iraq, Peru, Syria, Armenia, Bulgaria, Mexico, Lebanon...
Discovering the ancient wisdom of love!
What messages and secrets do these beautiful ancient melodies contain?

Middle Eastern Musical Magic at Work!

Cameron & Kristina were playing Arabic music on the Streets of Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and the West Bank before, during and after the war, sowing the seeds of peace before audiences as large as 60,000!

Cameron and Kristina are American musicians capable of performing popular Arabic music which gives them a powerful tool both in the Arab world and in America for opening heart-level communications.

They have made six recent trips, since 2002, through the Arab-world countries of Iraq, Syria, Jordan, The West Bank, Lebanon and Egypt where they have performed Arabic music, to the astonishment of many Arab-speaking audiences. This has of course led to an escalating cascade of invitations to participate in Arab-world society on both family and cultural levels. Cameron and Kristina have, in a lineup consisting of many high-profile Egyptian singers, performed for an audience of 60,000 Egyptians in the Cairo stadium to help raise funds for the construction of a children's cancer hospital. Television interviews featuring their work have gone out to millions of Arab-world viewers. Their experience of the Arab world is dominated by impressions of generosity and warmth.

In their effort to spread their impressions, they have now delivered more than 200 presentations in more than half of the American states entitled "Singing in Baghdad" which document their Arab-world travels and present the uplifting aspects of Arab civilization. They have received considerable local press coverage along the way and received high acclaim from the thousands of individuals who have seen their presentations. "I had no idea!" "This has changed my life!" "Thank you!" are the kinds of comments they almost universally receive.

Cameron and Kristina’s ability to learn and perform indigenous love songs in their native languages has proven time and time again to be a sound method for dissolving boundaries, erasing fear and has served as the model for the creation of a new non-profit organization, Musical Missions of Peace.
Come join these “Missionaries in Reverse” to enjoy their tales of international “conquest by love” and experience the sounds of the popular songs of Iraq, Lebanon, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Spain, Peru, Mexico, Bulgaria, Tadjikstan and Greece.

Cameron and Kristina were just nominated for the THE 2010 PRESIDENTIAL CITIZEN'S AWARD.

Quotations from the nomination qualifications:
"Cameron Powers and Kristina Sophia have developed an organization called Musical Missions of Peace. They have gone to Arab countries to play the native and ancient music of those countries - resulting in befriending thousands. They did this, primarily, by playing on the streets.
From this activity, they initiated a program to develop teaching programs for Iraqi children to learn traditional Arabic music - focusing on Iraqi Refugee populations in particular.

They have been doing a tremendous service to save the lives of Americans - by spreading a sense of Family and Peace. Perhaps you would not agree that they are heroes, because they don't kill people for peace...they befriend them and it works.
For thousands of us who know what they're doing...they are the finest, most inspiring of heroes who are helping to protect us in a long lasting way.
It is difficult to measure the joy that is received by hundreds of people who no longer hate the United States, though they have been ravaged by our war - thanks to the efforts of 2 people who have brought joy into their hearts and the hearts of their children and who have sown the seeds of Hope."

Music is the path to global harmony!

Cameron & Kristina present Music, Images & Stories…

Information about the Arab world from a very unique angle…


Cameron plays a favorite instrument of the Arabs: the Oud

Kristina and Cameron both sing in Arabic

Now Cameron & Kristina are designing additional tours throughout America.

Churches make especially ideal locations for their presentations.

Their power to be a bridge between the Arab world and the peace-loving citizens inside America is growing all the time. More trips to the Middle East are being scheduled.

"I've seen Cameron and Kristina's magnificent show. I give it a 15 out of a possible 10. Being a musician myself and actively building bridges of understanding... their message really hit home with me. Knowing the power of music, hearing Cameron and Kristina's stories brought tears of joy to my eyes. They are really using music for what it needs to be used for.

Not only are they active and articulate musical ambassadors between America and the Middle East, in my mind they are National Heroes!! Tell everyone you know who may not have seen them that this is a must see!!!" -- Tony Davis



Musical Missions of Peace is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization.