my poor heart how can you bear it without breaking?

kardthyamu kaimeni pos vastas kye dthen rayizis

in this ill-fated world you face such heartlessness

ston psefti dunya tosi aponya pu andikrizis

peace and joy in my life I have never known

isihia kye hara mesa sti zoi dthen eho nyosi

and the only love I believed in wounded me

kye myaghapi akoma puha pistepsi mehi plighosi

no one is feeling for me

dthen me ponese kanis

no one is feeling for me - not for even a moment in my life

dthen me ponese kanis ute stigmi mes sti zoi mu

along my path suddenly one morning my soul will disappear

me stus dthromus ksafnika kapyo proi tha vyi i psihimu

my own heart seems like a cloudy dawn

i dthiki mu i kardthya myazi san avyi sinefyazmeni

from the scorn of people and from love it is burned

apto misos tu kozmu kye apo aghapi ine kameni

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