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Musical Ecstasy Tours

Since the age of 21, I have connected with people in Morocco, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico by learning their popular music and singing it with them...
Sharing feelings and adventures becomes easy when music is the medium... Language learning is, of course, greatly enhanced...
There is no greater adventure than having 400 Egyptians sing an Abdul Halim song along with me in their village beside the Nile. I feel like I am fulfilling my highest function...
-Cameron Powers
Village party in Egypt arranged by Eva Cernik on one of her fantistic tours (see link page).
Singing Egyptian Songs with
Sailboat Captain on the Nile
I called my tours to Peru & Bolivia "Cameron's Terrible Tours." I wanted the people who signed up to know that adventures with Indians in remote mountain & jungle villages was the goal...
Testimonial from participant in
Cameron's Terrible Tours
Dancer Eva Cernik channels energy from the enthusiastic audience back into a wand held by Mizmar Player at Egyptian village party.
When I wrote an account of my adventures on my last trip to Morocco, Spain & Greece I discovered that a paper was written about my style of travelling...
Music, Culture, and Tourism by Anne Elise Thomas
If this kind of adventure appeals to you, contact me and we'll see if something can be worked out.
Flexible timing.
Small groups.
Phone: 303-449-4196
Cell Phone: 303-898-6125
Singing Egyptian music with musical friends from Fes, Morocco
Cameron in Morocco, Spain & Greece
Cameron in Peru & Bolivia
Singing on stage with musicians in Cairo

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