Kristina Sophia

From the age of nine growing up in the Pacific
Northwest the central question governing Kristina’s
life has been “what are we doing here on this planet
Her life has been spent in pursuit of answers to this
question combined with the never-ending desire to
figure out how to make it better. She has undertaken
major explorations into spirituality, cultural
anthropology, psychology, and education, and through it
all, Music has been the central guiding force. “As a
teenager I would go down to the shore line at night
when no one was around and sing to the waves. I would
enter into a kind of mystical ecstatic vibrational
resonance with what I felt was the whole consciousness
of the earth, and I would remember that I came here to
She has a B.A. in interarts/music from
Naropa Institute, is a master practicioner of Neuro Linguistic
Programming, and a Waldorf early-childhood educator.
She has led various vocal workshops and teaches singing
and sound healing. She has successfully single-parented one
exceptionally self-confident and accomplished young
In 2000 she met Cameron Powers and thus entered
into the world of Middle Eastern Music. She has
plunged deeply into this study and feels
a deep connection with the music and its people. She
and Cameron have performed together in the US, Mexico
and the Middle East. She is passionate about bringing
people together across cultural boundaries through the
power of Music.
She can be reached at