Thursday, Jan 25, 2001, 7:00-11:30
Sherefe Members plus 2 Habibis
Bacaro -- Ristorante Italiano
921 Pearl, Boulder
Price: Dinner and/or drinks at the bar

Sunday, Jan 28, 8-10
Cameron Powers – solo oud – background music
Trident Coffeehouse, 940 Pearl, Boulder

Monday, Jan 29 -- Thursday, Feb 1
Members of Sherefe with Majid Natanzi
Singing Rumi
Soul Journey 2000
Starhouse, Sunshine Canyon
More info to come
Price: TBD

Sunday, Feb 25, 8-10
Cameron Powers – solo oud – background music
Trident Coffeehouse, 940 Pearl, Boulder

Friday, March 2, 8:30-11:30
Penny Lane -- 18th & Pearl, Boulder
Cameron and the Habibis, 8:30 – 11:30
Price: tips please

Saturday, March 3, Doors Open at 9:00 pm
Dance Dance Dance -- Don’t miss this one!
Sherefe and The Habibis
Middle Eastern Groove Dance Party & Show
Featured Dancers: Rooshana and Eva
Extra Percussionists
Trilogy Wine Bar
13th St. between Pearl St. Mall and Spruce-- Boulder
Price: $5
Come early for Moroccan Cuisine Specials in the Front Restaurant!

Monday, March 12, 7-8 pm
Live on KGNU radio -- 88.5 FM
Cameron & the Habibis plus Zahara on percussion
Kabaret Show
Price: support your local public radio

Sunday, March 18, 9:00 am and 11:00 am
Cameron & Kristina
Unity Church, 2855 Folsom

Sunday, March 25, SPECIAL NAROOZ (Persian New Year) CELEBRATION
At the Boulder Dushanbe Tea House
On 13th Street Between Arapahoe and Canyon
All day activities with many things for children to do,as well as special Tajik foods.
Starting at 1:00 p.m. and going till 9:pm
At 2:00 p.m. Cameron and Zahara playing for Eva Cernik with special guests.
At 3:00 p.m. The Grand Dame Of Uzbek and Tajik Singing
Tofahon Pilkasova accompanied by her son Ilyas Rachimov
on Oud, Tanbour and Tar
Central Asian Dances performed by Travis Jarrell from Santa Fe , New Mexico
Traditional Tajik boxing puppets dance by Sara
Storytelling in the Evening by Bob and Elena
Friday, March 30, 9:30-10:30 pm
Annual KGNU celebration at Penny Lane
Some Sherefe & Some Habibis
Penny Lane -- 18th & Pearl, Boulder
Price: tips please

Sunday, April 8, 8:30-11:30
Penny Lane -- 18th & Pearl, Boulder
Cameron and the Habibis, 8:30 – 11:30
Price: tips please

Saturday, April 28 8 p.m.
Express Yourself Movement and Dance Studio
30th and Walnut, Boulder
next to Walnut Cafe
An Evening of
Middle Eastern Dance and Music!
or Midnight at the Oasis 2
Special Guest from Colorado Springs, Mahisha
Titanya and
The Bedouin Moon Dance Theatre
Sherefe & the Habibis
$5 admission
(Bring $$ for vending and tips for your favorite dancer & musicians)
For More Information contact: Titanya or Jeff (303) 530-9419

Thursday, June 7, 8:00 pm
Boulder Theater, 2032 14th St.
Sherefe & the Habibis
Middle Eastern Groove Dance Party and Show
with special guest appearances by Rooshana & Suzanna del Vecchio
Plenty of room to dance! Don’t miss this one!
Price: $5.25

Sherefe & The Habibis Gigs
Thank all ( four hundred) of you who came to see us at the Boulder Theater.
We appreciate the support. Without you, none of this could be happening.

We have our new Sherefe CD for sale. It’s called “Opium” and sells for $15. Pick one up at the next show.

Saturday, June 23
Doors open at 7:00
Los Lantzmun: 8:00 - 9:45
Sherefe & Habibis: 10:15-12:00
Gothic Theater
3263 South Broadway.
Englewood Colorado
Price: $11.25
The theatre is just two and a half blocks north
of Hampden, Highway 285, and twelve blocks south of Evans.
PUBLIC PARKING is available within walking distance of the Gothic
at the following locations: The NE corner of Broadway & Floyd,
across the street from the theatre. Or take a right two blocks
south of the theatre and park at the SE corner of Englewood Parkway
and South Acoma Street. Public Parking is also available after 5pm
at the Malley Center lots, located on Lincoln Street between Floyd
and Girard Streets. Lincoln is one block east of Broadway.
Gothic Theater: 303-380-2333
Tickets also at: or
Michael Mendelson of Los Lantzmun: 303-715-4487

Not a sherefe gig but please also check out:
Yair Dalal and the Al Ol Ensemble
presented by Shalhevet Productions
The Perfume Road -- A Concert for Peace
Israeli World Music
Thursday, August 30th, 7:30 pm
First Baptist Church
1237 Pine St., Boulder
Price: $23 at door, $20 in advance
Call: 303-415-5790 or visit

Friday, September 7, 8:00 pm
Doors Open: 7:00
Worldbeat Music and Dance Festival Concert Series at the Dickens Opera House
New Land Balkan Band: 8:00
Sherefe & the Habibis: 9:00
Middle Eastern Concert & Dance Party
302 Main, Upstairs above the 3rd Ave Grill, Longmont, CO
Price: $6
For more info call: 303-682-5080 or 303-678-7869

Thursday, September 20, 8:00 pm
Doors open at 7:30
Sherefe & the Habibis with Myra Morris
Middle Eastern Dance Party
Paramount Theater
331 Sandoval, Santa Fe, New Mexico
For More Info call: Myra Morris: 505-986-6164
Price: $10

Saturday, September 22 Albuquerque show postponed ‘till further notice.
Dear Sherefe & Habibis Supporters & Fans...
The Saturday Rocky Mtn News classical music reviewer, Mark Shugold, ran a great review of Nabil Azzam and our upcoming Boulder Theater show (this Thurday, Sept 27, 8:00 pm)...
Not only has Nabil devoted his life to playing for peace and had his violin signed by Bill Clinton, Yitzakh Rabin’s widow and Yasser Arafat (to all 3 of whom he pledged to play for peace forever no matter what... and here he is...), but he really is like the Itzak Perlman of Middle Eastern Music... one of the very very best...
Our show in Sante Fe last Thursday was very highly appreciated and high energy (in spite of local vandalism to Middle Easterners’ shops and the removal of all our posters)...
This really is an opportunity to: 1) ...hear master Middle Eastern musicianship not usually accessable away from the East & West Coasts... 2) ...demonstrate solidarity with all the artistic and loving Middle Easterners, Near Easterners and Arab-Americans with whom we have enjoyed friendship, inspiration and comeraderie for so many years...
Nabil Azzam is a world-class Palestinian violinist who has devoted his energies to playing for peace in Israel.
He will be here Wednesday night to play the Yom Kippur religious music for the local Jewish synogogue.
He is an Israeli Arab who has mastered Hebrew and English as well as his own language.
He has been the conductor of a Jewish orchestra in Jerusalem which plays European classical music.
He is the conductor of an orchestra in Los Angeles which plays primarily Middle Eastern music.
He was here last year playing at the Boulder Public Library with Sasha Toperich, a world-class Jewish Israeli pianist -- a music for peace event.
We really had planned to just play music and dance.
I wanted to give Nabil a chance to just play for the fun of it.
Now, because of the fear and shock we all feel, there is another element to the show.
This is an opportunity to follow Nabil’s lead and play and dance for the Universal values of Love shared by the vast majority of people the world over.

Thursday, September 27, 8:00 pm (doors open at 7:00)
Sherefe & the Habibis with Nabil Azzam -- Palestinian Master Violinist
Middle Eastern Dance Party and Show
with special guest appearances by Dancers Eva Cernik & Rooshana
Plenty of room to dance! Don’t miss this one!
Boulder Theater, 2032 14th St.
Price: $12 (Service charge & tax may apply)

Saturday, September 29 show in Evergreen, Colorado postponed ‘till further notice.

SHEREFE members James Hoskins and Jesse Manno will be joined by Ty Burhoe, Aubrey (Carton) Lande, Vicki Dodd, Mark McCoin, Michael Stanwood and Mike Vargas for an evening of original music on a wondrous array of unique instruments, many with an inherent buzzing sound. The Buzz Band has twice been Westword’s “best of Denver” in the world music category, called “mesmerizing, intense and joyous” Sponsored by KGNU fm. Come on down and be buzzed!
Friday and Saturday October 26 and 27, 7:30 pm, Divine Science Church
14th and Williams, Capitol Hill (303) 322-7738

Friday and Saturday November 2 and 3, 7:30 pm, First Baptist Church
1237 Pine Street, Downtown (303) 442-6530

BUZZ concerts are $12 general admission; $10 students/seniors (no advance ticket sales)
For more information call (303) 740-6033

Check out Cameron’s new self-designed website at
You can read entertaining stories of travels in North Africa and South America...
You can buy CD’s...
You can bookmark the website so you can check the calendar page...
You can hire Sherefe and The Habibis or any other combination of us...
You can join us on trips...
You can set up small “living room” or coffee house shows to play with and/or enjoy Cameron and Kristina as they wander across the land...
You can study Middle Eastern Scales (Maqams)... and get into Middle Eastern Music...
You can try a new Voice Healing Massage technique...

Saturday, December 22, 8:00 p.m.
Sherefe & the Habibis at Mercury Cafe in Denver
Middle Eastern & Balkan Dance Party on the Winter Solstice
For YOU to Dance Dance Dance
2199 California
Price: $10
Phone: 303-294-9281
Also with special guests:
Beth Quist – visiting from Seattle, vocalist extrordinaire
Eva Cernik & Students performing Solstice Dance
Rafia – Dancer
Luiza Almeh & William Starn -- Dancers

Sunday, Dec 23, 8-10 pm
Cameron Powers – solo oud – background music
Trident Coffeehouse, 940 Pearl, Boulder

Dec 31, 8:30 pm

Dec 31, 2001, 11:30 pm
Angels of Alchemy