Iraqi Refugee Student
in Amman, Jordan
Supported by
Musical Missions of Peace
Songs of Hope Program


"I speak English, Spanish, Greek and enough Arabic and Inca to get around, but Music is The Ultimate Language!" -- Cameron


Cameron and Kristina
Singing Iraqi Love Songs
for Peace in Baghdad


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Setup Time Considerations:
Because of the Multi-Media nature of our presentations, the Unique sound qualities of our Musical Instruments and our quantities of Educational and Decorative materials for sale, we usually need a minimum of 2 hours for setup. 3 hours is very comfortable. Whenever possible we like to setup on the previous night for morning presentations.

Parking Considerations:
Since we are on the road pulling our Travel Trailer with our Diesel Van, we appreciate help with parking plans.
Our 23' Travel Trailer, which is our little home, can be parked anywhere within a few miles of the venue. If the venue has a large parking lot which is available that can be most convenient.
We carry the equipment needed for our presentations and concerts in our 18' diesel van. If there is not room in the venue parking lot for the Travel Trailer then we will come with only the van.
Additional Notes on Ideal Places for Parking the Travel Trailer:
We have solar panels on the roof of the trailer so we need sunshine! Or we can plug into any nearby standard electrical outlet. Cell phone receptivity at our parking places is very helpful.


Financial Aspects:
Support for our presentations, workshops and concerts typically comes from these three sources:

1) budgeted honoraria from groups or congregations

2) ticket sales or suggested collection contributions

3) sales of our CD's, Books, Egyptian Scarves, etc

Communities also frequently arrange local Newspaper, TV and Radio interviews which can help boost attendance.

Fees: Every event is different. Contact us so we can discuss what might work with your audience and other details regarding setup requirments.

We are also happy to work out arrangements wherein you, as hosts, keep part of the proceeds for your own organization.


Musical Missions of Peace is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization.